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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are Early College High Schools?

Answer: Early College High Schools are small high schools where students earn both a high school diploma and two years of college credit (60 hours) towards a bachelor’s degree.

Question: Why have an Early College High School?

Answer: Early college high schools have the potential to improve high school graduation rates and better prepare students for family-supporting careers by:
  • Changing the structure of the high school years
  • Compressing the numbers of years to a college degree
  • Removing financial and other barriers to college
Question: What types of students will Early College High Schools serve?

Answer: Ninth to eleventh grade students who have a sincere interest in academics, the goal of attending college, and a willingness to work hard. The Early College High School will center on students for whom a smooth transition into post-secondary education is challenging. The Early College High School is designed to substantially increase the number of low-income students and first-generation college-bound students who will pursue advanced studies.

Question: Does my child have to be in the Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program to participate?

Answer: No. Students and parents need only demonstrate a commitment to fully participate in an academically rigorous program.

Questions: What are some of the benefits of being part of the Early College High School?

  • Maximize the instructional quality of the years of high school and facilitate the transition of motivated students to higher education.
  • Demonstrate new ways of integrating levels of schooling to better serve the intellectual and developmental needs of young people.
  • The school’s small size (approximately 125 students per year) will provide the opportunity for individualized attention.
  • It enables highly motivated students to move in four years from ninth grade through the first two years of college, earning up to 60 college credit hours as well as a high school diploma.
  • Provide rigor, depth and intensity of college-level work in high school.
  • Inspire average, underachieving and well-prepared high school students to work hard and stretch themselves intellectually.
  • Save money and time by integrating high school and college-level work.
Question: Where is the school located?

Answer: Currently BCHS is located at 1901 E. Villa Maria Bryan, Texas.

Question: Is transportation offered to Bryan Collegiate?

Answer: No, parents are responsible for getting their students to school each day. There is a shuttle bus from Bryan Collegiate to the Blinn Campus throughout the day.

Question: How much will it cost to attend the Bryan Collegiate High School?

Answer: BCHS will be tuition free to families all families. They will only be responsible for regular school supply costs and transportation to BCHS.

Question: Will there be athletic teams, music programs or clubs at Bryan Collegiate High School?

Answer: Since the focus of the Early College High School is academics, we will not have UIL athletic teams or fine arts performance programs. We will have student clubs and organizations which will center on student curricular interests, academic advancement and social growth.  Currently we offer a non - UIL club soccer team.

Question: How will students be selected for Bryan Collegiate High School?

Answer: Students will go through an application and review process.

Question: What support structures will be in place to help students succeed in rigorous course work?

Answer: In addition to strong relationships with the BCHS faculty and staff, all students will participate in student learning communities and study hall. These activities provide students tutoring as well as study skills, organization, and test prep and mentor/peer support.

Question: When will applications become available?

Answer: Applications are available at any time by contacting our office or viewing our website. Deadlines vary from year to year.