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BCHS was a great and exciting experience that will be unforgettable.  It can help many students accomplish their dreams of having a four year degree with hard work and dedication.  It is not a school for students who do not take their studies seriousy.  I am very greatful for the opportunity it gave me to get ahead in college.  The teachers are what makes BCHS a great school, they are dedicated to giving 200% when it comes to educating the students.  Students who plan on attending should be aware that it will be tough, but worth the efforts and sacrifices.  Go panthers! and Eat'em up Kats!
Jose Martinez, BCHS Class of 2011

Attending BCHS is a great way to academically challenge yourself! When I first arrived at BCHS, I assumed that it was a school for smart kids, because at that point school was NEVER a priority for me. Growing up in a small town, my only priority was helping my family.  Enrolling at BCHS helped me to grow academically from a D student to a B+ student.  There were times when I became discourages, but my parents believed in me and I also knew that my teachers and the staff at BCHS were there for me.  Because of the motivation that I was given and the beautiful relationships that were built at Collegiate, I have come a long way.  I can truly say that empowerment was gained at BCHS and I am thankful for the opportunity Collegiate gave me.
Elsa Jimenez, BCHS Class of 2011

Teachers actually care. And wonderful bonds are created.
Iris DelaCruz, BCHS Class of 2012

Bryan Collegiate High School was an amazing opportunity for me not only to get a jump start on college, but also to meet many wonderful people and make some great friends. My decision to go to BCHS has opened doors to opportunities that I would have otherwise missed out on. The faculty at Collegiate is dedicated to helping students succeed in the college classes taken while attending BCHS, as well as preparing students to succeed in the rest of their academic careers. While the work can be challenging at times, personally I can say that the benefits of going through this program have far outweighed the difficulties encountered along the way. Thanks and Gig'em!
T.J. Spillers, BCHS Class of 2012

As a school, BCHS not only helped me develop as a student, but as a person. The environment helps nurture kids into responsible, hard-working adults later in life. By taking these college classes at an early age, I was able to gain an edge and experience that has helped me excel in all of my classes. The teachers are wonderful and offer so much more than I would have expected at the average high school; you can trust these people to help you. Although a small school, it's that intimacy that you gain by being able to recognize almost every student that makes you feel comfortable there. The friendships I made there especially (students and teachers) mean so much more because I actually got the opportunity to know every single person in your class. If not for this high school, I don't believe I would be in lucky enough to be attending Texas A&M and preforming so well.
Jonathan Gonzales, BCHS Class of 2012

Choosing to attend Bryan Collegiate was probably one of the best choices I could of made. I heard about Collegiate from my sister who was a current student there and she told me that it was a small campus full of amazing teachers that want nothing but the best for you. She also told me it was tough, but that if I truly worked hard then I would only end up benefiting from it.  Going somewhere where everyone values education as much as you do makes for a for a great school and a fantastic environment. If I had to rate BCHS on a scale from easy to hard, I would have to say it was hard.  the teachers believed in the "tough love" principle, and they were only like that because they wanted the best for all students. If it ever got too tough, teachers were more than happy to help students in whatever they needed help in.  I love BCHS!   will always remember the wonderful memories and friends, but more importantly the teachers that made me into who I am today.
Pedro Martinez, BCHS Class of 2013

Choosing to attend Bryan Collegiate High School was one of the best decisions I've made. I knew from the start that it was a bold approach towards receiving and attaining a higher education. Although the coursework was challenging, there was always help and genuine support from teachers and staff whenever I needed it. They became my mentors, always guiding me and helping me become a better version of myself. My peers were also part of the incredible collegiate experience. There was just something about being surrounded with people who cared about their education just as much as I did that helped keep me motivated. There was a sense of competition among us because I mean, who doesn't want to be the best? But we all helped and learned a bit from each other along the way. The small class size definitely brought all of my classmates and I together; we all became one small family and that is what I enjoyed the most. It was like a second home. I now attend Texas A&M University with about two years worth of college classes under my belt and I know that I owe part of my success to the spectacular staff and family that I established at BCHS.
Ana Lopez, BCHS Class of 2013

Attending Bryan Collegiate High School was one of the most developing experiences in my life. I was taught both life and school lessons and the reality of how hard things can get if you don't get a hold of yourself in time. The opportunity given to receive a higher education was set forth for those who are most determined. I learned that you must fight if you want to come out on top.The most important lesson taught to me was the how important it is to connect with those around you, both peers and teachers. If it was not for those who I surrounded myself with I have absolutely no idea I would stand today. It may not have been easy or seemed very amazing while going through it, but once I came out and looked back, it was well worth it.
Robert Cardoza, Class of 2013