Your transcript is a record of the grades and credits you have earned in high school. Your high school transcript will also show any credits you earned in junior high that might have followed you up to high school.

Transcripts are updated at the end of every semester (so that summer credits are reflected on the record). This means that your GPA and class rank will not change except for at the completion of a school year. New students will not have a GPA until they complete their first year at BCHS.

Requests for official transcripts for currently enrolled seniors must be requested online using the button below. 12th graders can request 6 transcripts for free; additional transcripts cost $2 each.

Order Records

Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders can request official transcripts for $2 each, but requests must be made through the Registrar's office.

BCHS Graduates can request official transcripts for $5 each. At this time, requests for students who have graduated from BCHS can only be made in person.  Students are responsible for picking up their transcript and mailing it to its destination.

At the conclusion of the school year, final transcripts for Seniors will be sent to the student's college/university of choice. Students will need to fill out a form indicating the college/address to which the transcript will be sent.

For Blinn College transcripts, you will need to visit the Blinn College Admissions Office website.